EPIC Leader

Phase Three–Identity Based Spiritual Formation

It’s no secret that many in our churches are struggling! But how do we help them find freedom?  How doleader we bring freedom to the whole church?  We need EPIC Leaders! Equip your leaders with an identity based spiritual formation process that works.  Learn how to help others overcome spiritual and personal conflicts.  Your team will learn the Biblical theology of identity and freedom in Christ and the foundations for team ministry.  Provide your team with transferable resources that teach others who they are in Christ and how to walk free.


Helping others Experience their Personal Identity in Christ truly is EPIC; however, beyond helping others find freedom, this conference provides individuals with a time to be changed, refreshed, and renewed. Before you can help others find freedom, you need to be free yourself.

One Day Training-$99 includes The EPIC Journey workbook

Two Day Training-$149 includes EPIC Leader workbook and EPIC Journey workbook

We ask for a deposit to cover the cost of workbooks, travel, meals, and hotel expenses.

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