Christ-Centered Marriage

Is your marriage the best it can be? The same powerful principles from The Steps to Freedom in Christ that helped set more than one million people free from spiritual bondage can now revolutionize your relationship with your spouse!
Get the practical tools you need to safeguard your marriage against the things that threaten to destroy it. Step-by-step, you learn how to:
  • Resolve conflict
  • Set your marriage free
  • Let go of old habits and destructive patterns
  • Place Christ firmly at the center of your marriage
  • Develop a healthy, God-centered approach to finances
  • Enjoy a better sex life
  • Understand gender differences, and how they affect your relationship
  • Deal with temptation and adultery
  • Practice forgiveness

For one night events, we ask for a deposit to cover travel, meals, and hotel expenses along with the cost of materials. A minimum of a $600 honorarium is also suggested in conjunction with a free will offering.