Discipleship Counseling

by Neil T. Anderson

Price: $25.00 Discipleship Counseling

Building on the concepts found in Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker, Neil Anderson’s counseling ministry guide provides clear information and excellent models to help you understand what discipleship counseling is all about.

Breaking Through to Spiritual Maturity

by Neil T. Anderson

Price: $20.00 BreakingThroughToSpiritualMaturity

This study includes reproducible handouts for group discussion and personal reflection. The flexible format means the material can be presented in 60- or 90 minute sessions and can be used as a 13- or 24-week course, with many options for the leader.

Extreme Church Makeover

by Neil T. Anderson and Charles Mylander

Price: $16.00 Extreme Church Makeover

It takes more than fresh paint and new carpet to revitalize a church that is entangled in conflict and disunity. Unresolved personal and corporate sin results in personal and corporate bondage. The result is disunity, stagnant growth and interpersonal conflicts. What is needed is a biblical plan of corporate repentance and faith in God that connects the church body to Christ in a liberating way. Neil Anderson and Charles Mylander show how these same tools based on repentance and fatih in God, along with the corporate process of conflict resolution in this book can be used to provide a new beginning for believers and churches.

There is hope for your church, because the Church is the body of Christ and He wants it to be alive and well. Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor and the only One who can set your church free, restore broken relationships and heal the broken hearted.

Extreme Church Makeover has been updated and revised from its original release -Setting Your Church Free.

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