Busting Free

by Neil T. Anderson and Dave Park

Busting Free

Price: $20.00

Now you can free young people to find biblical solutions to the personal and spiritual wounds that cripple their self-esteem and confuse their identity—by helping them grab hold of their true identity in Christ. Busting Free is a dynamic youth group study based on the best-selling  books Stomping Out the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker – Youth Edition. The 13 sessions cover how to recognize and overcome spiritual deception, how to claim the authority God gives to all believers, and what steps to take for claiming freedom in Christ! This study includes reproducible student pages, a spiritual health survey, The Steps to Freedom in Christ designed for teens, and much more.

“This is a great book to walk with students as they gain a perspective on their life as Jesus does. Worth the time reading & spending it with students” – Danny Bowers.

Paperback 176 pages; Gospel Light 2010; ISBN 0830747923; ISBN 13: 9780830747924

Life Comes Fast

How to Overcome Cutting and Self-Injury

by Mark Keyes and Dave Park

Price: $8.00Life Comes Fast

Cutting and self-injury is more than a physical or behavioral problem. Cutting is a deep spiritual problem that can be overcome. Stop the hurt! Stop the abuse! Today God wants to set you free! Whether you are cutting, you are a youth leader trying to help someone in self-injury, or you are a parent or adult, Dr. Dave Park and Mark Keyes will give you the tools and instruction to build up a standard against the enemy and help you overcome this issue.

71 pages

EPIC Leader Workbook

(Experiencing your Personal Identity in Christ)

by Dr. Dave Park

Price: $12.00 leader

This workbook covers our leadership training materials. Equip the leaders of your church to help people conform to Christ’s image through practical and Biblical answers.

  • A Balanced Approach to Spiritual Formation
  • The Purpose of Identity-Based Spiritual Formation, Part 1
  • The Purpose of Identity-Based Spiritual Formation, Part 2
  • The Life and Character of the Discipler
  • Understanding and Helping the Disciple
  • Leading People Through The Lord’s Prayer Journey

Order the audio training that goes along with the workbook here.

EPIC Freedom Workbook

(Experiencing your Personal Identity in Christ)

by Dr. Dave Park

EPIC Freedom front cover 6 x 9Price: $12.00 

Discover who you really are in Christ and experience His Passion for your life! This workbook covers the basic messages of Infusion Ministries in six sessions:

  • Your New Identity in Christ
  • Becoming Who You Really Are
  • Walking by Faith
  • Battle for the Mind
  • Forgiving from the Heart
  • Awakening His Passion

Plus find 40 Predictive Prophecies about Christ, Bibliographical Evidence, and Facts about Christ. Also included is The Lord’s Prayer Journey, a 40-Day Devotional, and Small Group Bible Studies.

Order the audio training that goes along with this workbook here.

EPIC Journey
The Lord’s Prayer Journey

by Dave Park

PriceEpic Journey Front-3: $12.00

Experience God’s peace through this biblical guide through the Lord’s prayer. This workbook will help you break through spiritual and personal bondage, discover God’s love and blessing as a child of God, abide in Christ and renew your mind, have day by day victory in your Christian walk, and experience a renewed prayer life filled with peace.


Spiritual Dangers

Parents’ Workbook

by Dave Park

Price: $12.00 Spiritual Dangers 2013 Cover Front

We desire to give parents and youth workers tools to help free our young people from strongholds set up by the world, the flesh and the devil. It isn’t enough to cut off harmful influences, we must show our children how to claim their personal freedom in Christ in the inner person. We must have a clear plan of spiritual formation. Also, our problems are never isolated, the cause of just one person. The whole family is affected when one is in bondage. Therefore, we will look at parenting issues such as modeling, communication, and discipline. Plus, we will look at definitive steps for spiritual restoration modeled from the Lord’s Prayer.

Foundations Workbook

by Dave Park

Price: $12.00 Foundations workbook

This workbook covers the 12 essential truths that every small group needs to know.

Steps to Freedom – Youth Edition

by Neil T. Anderson, Dave Park, and Rich Miller


Price: $6.00

The powerful step-by-step process for helping young people find freedom in Christ! This version is especially designed for youth. Used by thousands around the world to discover their victory as children of God.

Winning Spiritual Warfare

by Neil T. Anderson

Price: $4.00

Winning Spirit Warfare

Are you facing a spiritual battle that seems too big to win? A sense of hopelessness or defeat that you can’t seem to beat? Satan knows he can block your effectiveness as a Christian if he can deceive you into believing you are nothing but a product of your past, subject to sin, prone to failure, controlled by your habits. Winning Spiritual Warfare provides a practical, step-by-step guide to overcoming the strategies of the devil. In clear, easy-to-understand terms, author Neil Anderson shows you what you can do to experience the full victory and freedom that Christ purchased for you on the cross.

After reading this book my life has changed forever! Mr. Anderson maps out a simply 7 step plan to freedom in Christ. After reading this book I bought 50 copies to give out to other people. It is one of the greatest books I ever read! – Chris S, Amazon Reviewer

Paperback 48 pages; Harvest House 1991; ISBN 10: 0890818681; ISBN 13: 9780890818688

Breaking Through to Spiritual Maturity

by Neil T. Anderson

Price: $20.00 BreakingThroughToSpiritualMaturity

This study includes reproducible handouts for group discussion and personal reflection. The flexible format means the material can be presented in 60- or 90 minute sessions and can be used as a 13- or 24-week course, with many options for the leader.

Freedom from Fear

by Neil T. Anderson and Rich Miller

Price: $15.00Freedom from Fear

Striking at the very roots of fear and anxiety, bestselling authors Anderson and Miller reveal how readers can overcome their fears through the power of Jesus Christ.

Even believers can let the normal concerns of life get blown out of proportion, becoming ensnared in worry and anxiety: What if something happens to my spouse? What if something were to happen to one of my children? What if this plane crashes? Uncovering the surprising scope of fear in the body of Christ and how many Christians who believe in the Lord’s care and love are being kept from God’s best by their fears, Freedom from Fear shows readers how to take back their lives.

This eye-opening book examines the roots of worry and anxiety, such as fear of rejection, disapproval, failure, and the unknown. Readers will learn how fear-filled strongholds develop and discover the tools they need to tear down the prison walls. Reaching out to anyone crippled by worries, Anderson and Miller share how the fear of God dispels all unhealthy fears and leads believers to joyous freedom. Includes a 21-day devotional guide to help readers on their journey from fear to peace.

Who I Am Cards

Prices: 1 for $1, 25 for $11, 50 for $25, 100 for $40

These pocket-sized cards contain Biblical statements of your identity in Christ – how you are Accepted, Significant, and Secure in Him. On the other side, find the 20 Cans of Success. Folds down to the size of a credit card, so it can travel with you anywhere. brochure_update_sample

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