Help Infusion Ministries take our life-changing message of Identity and Freedom in Christ to the world!  Partner with Infusion Ministries as we produce three very exciting projects.


It doesn’t take long to look around our world and even the church and realize people are hurting.  We see it in our churches, our marriages and families, our schools and our communities everywhere.  More than ever, people have lost sight of their identity (who they are) and try to fulfill their lives through the world around them but quickly realize that the world is empty and doesn’t provide what they are seeking. People long to walk free from the stronghold’s that seem to control their lives, preventing them from living out the potential God has instilled into their lives.  The people in our families, our churches and communities are looking for answers on how to break free.  But it seems there is more confusion than clarity.  The world is seeking an answer when one has been provided in the person of Jesus Christ.  It’s time to get back to the life of Jesus and what He has accomplished for every follower of Christ.

Infusion Ministries has been teaching the life-changing message of Jesus and how He has drastically changed the identity of each and every follower of Jesus.  Jesus, the truth has set us free and every believer can live and walk in peaceful freedom every day of their lives.  Over the past 20+ years this message has been taught in conferences all over the world seeing believers experience lasting freedom. Lives have been changed by this truth that has set people free.

God is using Technology to change lives!

The desire of Infusion is to broaden the scope of this message.  Technology and media outlets have exploded over the last decade.  Even recently the open doors technology has provided are in a word….amazing!  Infusion wants to use some new ways of getting the message of Identity and Freedom to all that will listen worldwide and so we will use cutting edge technology while still embracing some of the old standards that are still used by the masses.

Conference on Video

Will you help Infusion film 6 high quality videos that will be used on our website, DVD based teaching and our new APP’s?  Below is the list of videos and the con


Phase One–Church Wide Event–Discover Your True Identity and Freedom in Christ

Infusion Ministry’s EPIC Church-Wide conference aims to provide an incredible church-wide event for all ages that teaches individuals their identity in Christ and explains how they can walk in freedom – living the EPIC life. These events are more than just a conference. They provide individuals, families, and communities with an opportunity to encounter Jesus through encouraging and cleansing prayer and life-changing Truth!  Discover your authority in Christ, your Identity in Christ, how to win the battle for the mind, how to break free from strongholds and so much more!


Phase Two- Growing A Healthy Small Group

Everyone wants to be part of an EPIC small group.  But what does it take to be a great small group?  What are the foundations for team ministry?  Learn the 12 essential ingredients that will make any small group a place filled with God’s presence, identity and freedom in Christ.  Discover the 12 key Biblical values that will bring true spiritual health to your church.  Become an EPIC small group!


Phase Three–Identity Based Spiritual Formation

It’s no secret that many in our churches are struggling! But how do we help them find freedom?  How do we bring freedom to the whole church?  We need EPIC Leaders! Equip your leaders with an identity based spiritual formation process that works.  Learn how to help others overcome spiritual and personal conflicts.  Your team will learn the Biblical theology of identity and freedom in Christ and the foundations for team ministry.  Provide your team with transferable resources that teach others who they are in Christ and how to walk free.


Phase Four-  Freedom Tools

The freedom that Christ promises us is complete.  He has promised that knowing the truth will set us free.  The EPIC Journey is a comprehensive process that will help you resolve your personal and spiritual conflicts.  The EPIC Journey is a powerful walk through the Lord’s Prayer.  Each petition will help you reclaim the freedom that Christ offers to those who call on His name.  This step-by-step guide will help you break free from even the toughest habits and renew your mind.


Phase Five- Ministry of Multiplication

Infusion Ministries has an EPIC strategy.  We desire to train and equip leaders to help others discover their identity and freedom in Christ by certifying them to conduct our conferences and training.  Learn how to use our freedom resources and tools that have been proven effective for over 20 years.  You’re invited to become a Ministry Associate and become certified to use Phase One or all of our key freedom resources.  Join the Infusion team today!

EPIC STUDENTS- Stomping Out the Darkness

Based on the best-selling books Stomping Out the Darkness andThe Bondage Breaker – Youth Edition, this powerful training designed specifically for Youth, teaches students both who they are in Christ and how they can walk free from the world’s garbage. This two-day conference includes such messages as:

  • Our Authority In Christ
  • Discovering Your New Identity in Christ
  • Becoming Who You Really Are
  • The Love of the Father
  • Walking by Faith
  • Winning the Battle for the Mind
  • Breaking Down Strongholds
  • Forgiving From the Heart



access through your favorite tablet, phone or now you can even get App’s you can access through your computer.

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