… Our world is loud, busy, and often invasive. As men, we are distracted by our cell phones, busy schedules, and demands on our time and energy. It is easy to begin feeling overwhelmed and losing touch with what matters most. Over time we begin to lose heart, getting caught up in the rat race of life.  God has used the “wilderness” in the lives of men since biblical times.

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Many times God led people out of the city and into the wilderness to speak life over them and set them on a path that changed them and those around them forever.  EPIC Christian Adventures (ECA) provides a place for 10-12 men to “get away” from the noise, find rest for their soul, make memories and most of all, encounter Jesus. In other words, an Adventure is all about discovering your true identity and freedom in Christ while on a mountain bald, a lake or other remote area, away from civilization. This is not a retreat so much as it is an encounter, a time for you to get to know God deeper and allow Him to show you the freedom that is yours in Christ.


At an Adventure, you will enjoy a wonderful base camp with excellent meals after an active day. You will experience great fun camping and connecting with other men doing manly things like fishing, hiking, learning survival skills, throwing tomahawks, white water rafting, jumping off waterfalls, worshipping around a campfire and ending the camp with a mouth-watering steak dinner. Even more, men will hear the life-changing truth of who they are, find a safe place to encounter the truth and experience the freedom that is theirs in Christ.


Have you ever wanted to worship God without the distractions and commotion of people, vehicles, and cell phones? Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes and if you really are “enough”? Have you ever needed spiritual guidance and council but hated the thought of sitting on a couch in a stuffy room? Have you wanted to know the heart of God better and know more of the heart God has given to you? Do you want to be free and become more fully the man, father, husband you were made to be?


If you answered yes to any of these questions please call us and learn how you can be on our next Adventure. Since we never want cost to be a deterrent for men desiring to join us for this life-changing experience, we make scholarships available. Even if an Adventure is not appealing to you, would you consider giving a gift to ECA to provide these scholarships? Cost per camper is approximately $500.



Outdoors:  Hike backcountry trails, fish for trout in clear mountain streams, camp in the woods, white water rafting on the famous Ocoee River, kayak in the shadow of some of the nation’s most beautiful mountains.

Delicious Meals:  We feed you like a king, culminating with a mouth-watering steak dinner the last night.


Impactful Experiences:  From Incredible times of live worship to times of connecting with God and others through active experiences. We don’t just sit around, we believe in active learning.

Connection with Other Men:  You will not be alone, but instead, you will grow along with 10-12 other men who are experiencing many of the same challenges you are.

Life Changing Truth:  We lead you on a Journey, using Infusion-developed materials by best-selling author, Dr. Dave Park. We point you toward the discovery of the truth about God and you. We help you confront lies you believe and show you how to establish your freedom. We facilitate individual times of encouraging and healing prayer.

EPIC Christian Adventures (ECA) provides men with an opportunity to encounter Jesus. Discover your true identity in Christ, grow in your spiritual maturity, and find freedom to live obediently and abundantly in your daily walk with Christ. All this, free from many of the distractions the world, in the seclusion of the wilderness, surrounded by God’s creation.


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Campfire Nights:  Join us for 4-5 hours at a mountain cabin or on a lake, for a dinner and a campfire where we will “fan the flame” of your identity in Christ. You will be filled in every way!

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One-Day Adventure:  Each One-Day Adventure of kayaking, white water rafting, hiking, boating, survival training or geocaching will be a blast and involve good food, hardy laughs, and life-changing truth!

Weekend Retreats:  During the winter months experience the Adventure in a mountain cabin.

Four-Day Adventure Camp:  This is the BIG ONE—four days of Adventure where you encounter the person of Jesus Christ and experience His healing while doing battle for the truths of who God is, who you are and how to live out your freedom.

Israel Adventures: (For Men and Women)  Two weeks of Adventure hiking mountains Jesus hiked, boating on the Sea of Galilee, scuba or snorkeling the Mediterranean at Caesarea by the Sea all while experiencing the life-changing truth of Jesus’ life in us.


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Fan-the-Flame Event  =  Free*

One-Day Adventure  =  Free*

Weekend Retreat  =  Free*

Four Day Adventure Camp  =  $300 (refundable deposit)**

14 Day – Israel Adventure (all inclusive trip)  =  $4000

* DONATIONS are appreciated and are tax-deductible (SEE Donate tab below)

** The $300 deposit is simply a commitment that holds your spot at the camp. After the camp is over, we will return any or all of the deposit to you, all you have to do is ask. Any portion of the deposit left with us is tax deductible.


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FILL OUT the information boxes below. Note: Local ECA groups are limited to just 10 people. You may also call for additional information or to pre-register:  Call: 865-966-1153 or / Email  –  Jan Long  –  Director of ECA  –  at – Click here for the ECA Informational PacketECA Application, and ECA Waiver.


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