Donate to Infusion / or Staff Member

Infusion Ministries is a nonprofit organization. As such, we have no central funds. Instead, every staff member from the president of the ministry to the summer intern raises support, which serves as his or her salary. For this reason, our prayer and desire is that you would support a staff member for as long as the Lord enables and calls you to do so. Your generous sacrifice enables our various staff members to continue to minister both locally and globally full-time. Your partnership enables us to reach thousands of people each year with not only the message of salvation, but also your support helps us facilitate the transformative power of God’s Kingdom within their lives as believing individuals and communities learn who they are in Christ and how they can break free from their previous lives of bondage.

Because Infusion Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible. Will you help us be a vessel through which Jesus can set captives free? Will you partner with us through prayer and financial support?

Partner With Us

Please fill in the first blank with the staff member you would like your donation to go towards: Dave & Grace Park, Mark & Tiffani Keyes, Dave & Stephanie Johnston, Cesar & Lynette Forero, Joey & Dani Bruno, Clay and Meghan Hamby, and Christina Jodoin. Also, our interns include: Sally Zelenock, Jared Peer, Ivan Shawvan, Chuck Mantione, Bob Dotson