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Hi, I’m Christina Jodoin 

International Director of Infusion Ministries

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As Director of International Ministry, I am responsible for keeping all of the international staff connected, supported and strengthened in our ministry vision. With each of our international staff, we develop relationships with local churches to train up their leaders in Identity and Freedom through international conferences. Infusion Ministries brings specially trained teams to their church or ministry and teach the truths of Identity and freedom.

Did you know Infusion Ministries is an International ministry? We currently have staff in six countries worldwide with new doors opening every day to multiply the message of Identity and Freedom.



We believe that every child of God should have an opportunity to experience identity and freedom in Christ. The full rights of sons and daughters are for every tribe, every tongue, and every nation! In addition to the United States, The countries currently representing Infusion Ministries are Panama, Israel, Argentina, Germany and Costa Rica, with more in the works!

We have professionally filmed EPIC Identity, EPIC Freedom, and EPIC Journey Videos, in English and Spanish. These videos are now available for FREE at our website pages titled “LIFE CHANGING VIDEOS” (for English), or “VIDEOS DE IDENTIDAD Y LIBERTAD” (for Spanish).



We are excited to share that all of our training has been translated into Spanish (see sample Spanish videos below). We recorded over 35 hours of audio to multiply these messages and translated several of our workbooks, but there is more to be done.

We also have the opportunity to translate them into German, Hebrew, and Arabic, but we believe that is only the beginning. Since October 2016, we have had over 33,750 visit our website.  Some of those people are in Russia, and UAE, Germany and all over Latin America!



Infusion Ministries has a Director for Latino Ministries in Panama, César Forero, who is actively building relationships with church leaders all over Latin America. Our Director for Latino Ministries for the United States is Rosalía Hernandez de Hoyt who is part of our Knoxville Staff. Infusion Ministries desires to train up Latino leaders and pastors who are in our very own community.

Latino EPIC Training: Knoxville
Each year, Infusion Ministries organizes a FREE week-long, international Latino training in Knoxville, with key leaders from all over Latin America so that they can learn and communicate the message of identity and freedom in their country.

EPIC Conference in Israel and Holy Land Tours
Another essential international event Infusion Ministries holds annually is our Holy Land tours. Along with our Israeli representative, pastor and licensed tour guide, Nabil Kort, we travel to crucial biblical sites to walk where Jesus walked. Infusion Ministries also conducts freedom conferences in Israel with Nabil and the Infusion staff.



For more information, please call our office at 865-966-1153, or fill out the contact boxes below and I will get back with you soon.