Infusion Ministries: Our Story

Birthed out of Freedom In Christ Ministries, Infusion Ministries was created in 2002. My (Dave Park) friendship with Neil T. Anderson begin in 1992 when I read two incredible and life changing books: Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker. At that time, I was speaking primarily to college and high school students; thus, seeking youth resources,  I contacted Freedom In Christ, which at the time was in its infancy; however, my heart sank as I heard them say, “We don’t have any resources for youth, just the two adult books.”

As a seminary professor, Neil intended his works to effect primarily the academic Christian community, but I knew in my heart that students desperately needed this powerful message of identity and freedom in their lives. I began to pray that God would raise up someone to create freedom resources for youth utilizing Neil’s materials. A few months later, I was joining Freedom in Christ. As the new Director, Neil asked, “Where are we were going to start?” I knew exactly what the first step was: to create youth versions of Victory over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker. But who would write them? I was a speaker not a writer. I had never written an actual book before – only conference workbooks and small pamphlets. Neil in his wisdom said, “Lets pray about it!”

Neil returned the next day to say, “I know who should write the books”.

“Who,” I replied.


Everything in me want to say, “no.” I knew writing was not in my future. I am dyslectic; however,  the Holy Spirit was speaking to me very clearly: “Trust me”; “just say yes.” So I did! Thanks to Neil Anderson, I received contracts to write two books, but the miracles did not stop there: James Dobson of Focus on the Family got a hold of our first book, Stomping Out the Darkness, which embodied the youth version of Victory over the Darkness. That book become the topic of his daily radio show.  As a result, thirty thousand copies immediately flew of the shelf. Today, more than 150,000 have sold. Furthermore, we conducted our first Stomping Out the Darkness student conference at the Focus on the Family facilities in Colorado Springs.

Neil and I have done seventeen books together. Three times, our writing was nominated for the Gold Medallion award.

In 2002, we branched off of Freedom in Christ to create Infusion Ministries–a national and international, interdenominational organization that is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The purpose of Infusion Ministries is to awaken identity and establish freedom in the body of Christ. Our staff provides training and counseling through seminars, conferences, workshops and resources with an emphasis on equipping pastors and small group leaders to do the same.

Our desire is not to create a freedom ministry in each church rather to equip and train pastor and lay people to set captives free. We hope to develop and equip small group leaders to make authentic disciples who can walk out their true identity and freedom in Christ.

  • Our Vision: Set Captives Free – To see God’s truth infused in His people so they might abide in Christ and bear fruit. John 15:5
  • Our Mission: Make Authentic Disciples – To equip leaders to model authentic discipleship. Matthew 28:19-20;Ephesians 4:11-13
  • Our Process: Resource the Church – To provide life changing resources through small group materials, conferences and freedom tools. Colossians 2:6-10
  • Our Invitation: Partner with Us – We invite you to invest your prayers, talents, spiritual gifts and financial resources to develop the body of Christ so it can be free to fulfill the great commandment and the great commission. Matthew 6:19

Infusion Ministries Identity Message from Dave Park on Vimeo.