Dave Park

President – Infusion Ministry


Dave is the founder and president of Infusion and His Passion Ministries. Dave has ministered to pastors, youth leaders, parents and students for over 25 years all over the world equipping pastors and the church with the message of who we are in Christ and abiding in Him.  He has co-authored more than 17 best selling books with Dr. Neil T. Anderson including Stomping Out the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker – Youth Edition, and has been nominated for three Gold Medallion Awards. Dave received his education at Southwestern College in Phoenix, AZ, an M.A. from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the Hindustan Bible Institute in India. He is married to Grace, has three adult children who are married, four grand-babies, and three Siamese cats. His idea of fun is watching the Denver Broncos with a huge glass of Dr. Pepper. He and Grace live in Knoxville, TN.

Contact Dave at – DavePark@tds.net




    Mark Keyes

        Vice President


Mark is a gifted speaker and writer with over 15 years of ministry experience. He received his education at LA Tech University and his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX. Mark’s passion is to speak into the lives of this generation with the message of identity and freedom. While at home, Mark enjoys working on his house, hunting, and watching LSU football. He is married to Tiffani, and his four boys keep him busy in Knoxville, TN.


Contact Mark at – MKinfusion@gmail.com



Dave Johnston

V.P and Men’s Director


Dave prayed for years that God would allow him to do ministry near the mountains. He meant the Rocky Mountains… He learned to pray specifically. But what Dave didn’t know is that he would love the mountains of Tennessee and the South to the extent that Dave often says he was a southern boy born in the North. Dave’s favorite place is sitting in the mountains by a stream talking and thanking the Lord for sending him to the mountains to do ministry in just the right place! Dave is Vice President of Infusion, leading our EPIC Men’s ministry. His greatest passion is to help lead men toward freedom in Christ enabling them to live out God’s plan for their life. Dave leads men’s groups, counsels men and does one-on-one discipleship. He is excited to live his dream as the Lord has allowed Dave to combine his love for the mountains and his love for ministry into EPIC Christian Adventures. ECA is an adventure ministry, guiding men into the mountains for great adventure and opportunities to encounter Jesus. Dave believes there is no place like communing with Jesus up on the mountain.

Contact Dave at – JohnstonInfusion@gmail.com



    Cesar Forero

Director of Latin America


Cesar has a heart to reach people from Latin America with the messages of identity and freedom. Cesar has worked with YWAM, and has been actively involved in missions with COMIBAM as well. In addition to his responsibilities with Infusion, He co-pastors the Centro de Restauracion Nueva Vida Church in suburbs of Panama City.  Cesar and his wife Lynette live in Panama with their two children. They are a welcomed addition to the Infusion staff!

Contact Cesar at – Cesar@InfusionNow.org


    Grace Park

       Office Manager


Grace Park was born and raised in Arizona. She received Christ at the age of 5.  While attending Southwestern Bible College in Phoenix, AZ, she met and married her husband Dave.  Dave and Grace have been in full time ministry for over 30 years.  They were on staff with Freedom in Christ Ministries for more than 10 years and founded His Passion/Infusion Ministries in 2003. She has traveled to over 35 countries. Grace serves on the Board of Directors for Infusion Ministries, served for 7 years on the women’s leadership team at Two Rivers Church in Knoxville, TN, teaches a weekly Women’s Bible Study and spends much of her time counseling women and taking them through the Lord’s Prayer Journey. Grace has a passion to see women understand who they are in Christ and to see captives set free. Dave and Grace have 3 grown children and 10 grand babies which are the joys of her life!

Contact Grace at – GracePark@tds.net


     Clay Hamby

Director of Worship Ministries

Clay Hamby Photo.jpg

The Lord instilled in Clay a passion for worship ministry when he was 15 years old. He has been leading worship for churches, youth groups, conferences, and other numerous events for 16 years. Clay received his education from Maryville College with a degree in Music. He has always felt called in some fashion to ministry and the Lord opened up the door to Infusion in the Spring of 2014 as the Director of Worship. Clay is passionate about sharing the love of Christ through music. He is married to his beautiful wife Meghan.

Contact Clay at – WCHamby85@gmail.com



Meghan Hamby

Co-Director of Worship Ministries

Meghan Hamby Photo.jpg

Meghan became a believer in Jesus Christ when she was six years old. As long as she can remember, she has felt God’s presence with her and known that He is real. The Lord called Meghan to join Infusion Ministries during her internship there in 2015. With every season is stretching, growth, and healing. As she has gained more ground on her own identity and freedom in Christ, so has the desire and passion to disciple and counsel people in their journeys to freedom in Christ. Meghan’s love for praise and worship began around the age of 12 when she joined the praise team at school. She has been in worship ministry for 16 years. Clay and Meghan have been side by side in leading worship together for almost 10 years. Meghan left her nursing job to go full-time with Infusion two years ago. Meghan enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, traveling, crafting of any sort, and walking her Rat Terrier “Buddy”. Being in full-time ministry has been an incredible journey and she is excited that this is just the beginning.

Contact Meghan at – MeghanHamby.InfusionMinistries@gmail.com



Christina Jodoin

International Missions Director

Christina Photo.jpg

Christina has known Jesus personally since the age of 4. From a young age, God has instilled in Christina a desire to understand people on a deep level and to encourage them. Growing up, Christina moved several times which allowed her to experience and observe different kinds of people. God brought her to East Tennessee in 2005. Christina first encountered Infusion Ministries and the messages of identity and freedom at one of their leadership trainings and through reading the books Stomping Out the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker – Youth Edition. She had not realized how much had been holding her back from knowing true intimacy with God, which is what she had longed for her whole life. This began a long journey of truth seeking, healing, understanding Jesus and experiencing true freedom and peace. She wanted to share these truths with others who were hurting. Christina interned with Infusion in 2015 and went on a pilgrimage to Israel with Dave Park that May (and believes that EVERYONE should take this trip!) She knew that God was calling her into full-time ministry. Christina is passionate to see God set individuals free to be who they are in Christ. Recently, God has expanded her passion for other people, other cultures and how God relates to and loves people all over the world. Doors continue to open for Christina to share truth with others as she joins God in what he wants to do locally and globally! She loves being a part of Infusion Staff as the International Missions Director, and seeing God bridge cross-cultural connections with staff all over the world! God is so Good!

Contact Christina at – ChristinaJ.InfusionMinistries@gmail.com



J. Gail Collins

Director of Women’s Ministry

Gail Collins_website pic.jpg

Gail Collins, a pastor’s wife, mother, and grandmother, has been in ministry over 20 years. After completing a ministry internship and licensing, she now serves as the National Women’s director for Infusion Ministries. Prior to joining Infusion, she had a successful career of 34 years as Vice President of a regional bank. Gail is a 1977 graduate of the University of Georgia. She has served in the past as a children’s director, and on the national board for the Evangelical Free Church of America. She currently teaches women’s discipleship classes at the cross-cultural church she and her husband planted in 2004, The House of Worship, in Oak Ridge, TN. Gail has a calling to help women discover their identity in Christ and to walk in the freedom that Christ has given them. She is an intercessor, counselor, and women’s pastor. She has been married to Tony for 36 years and they have 2 adult daughters, two son-in laws, three grandchildren and a beloved yorkie.

Contact Gail at – FirstLadyGC@yahoo.com




        Jan Long

 Director of Men’s Ministry

Jan Long Photo.JPGJan Long grew up in the mountains of Northeast PA, one of six siblings, and raised in a Christian home. He received Christ at age 17 while at Bob Jones University where he earned a BS in Business Administration in 1976. Jan went on to have a stellar 35-year career in business development, sales and marketing, and project management in the nuclear industry. In his secular vocation and personal pursuits he has addressed US audiences, large and small, from platforms including technical presentations, motivational speeches, teaching and instruction and sharing his story and faith. He has also served on several professional and Christian boards/committees and led various small groups. Jan has four grown children living in Seattle, Denver, Cleveland and Philadelphia and one, two-year-old granddaughter. Jan loves Creation’s beauty where he enjoys mountain biking, hiking and all water sports. Shortly after moving to East TN in 2010, God began a new work in Jan’s heart. He became painfully aware of a spiritual bondage and wonderfully aware of the Holy Spirit’s power and desire to set him free. He began praying earnestly, seeking godly counsel and letting God out of the box he had always kept him in, which included keeping the Holy Spirit at a doctrinal distance. One significant step along this new journey was becoming acquainted with Infusion Ministries through a men’s bible study at Two Rivers Church in Knoxville where he met Dave Johnston. Jan went through Infusion’s 2016-2017 internship which he, somewhat reluctantly, felt called to undertake. At the exact same time the internship ended, so did Jan’s job. With this knowledge of God’s timing, Jan was asked to join the Infusion staff. In that moment of decision, God whispered to him, “This is what I’ve been preparing you for since setting you free in 2012.” Jan will be serving as Director of Men’s Ministries where he will be teaching, speaking and coordinating EPIC Summits as well as supporting Dave Johnston with EPIC Christian Adventures (ECA) planning and scheduling.


Contact Jan at – JanInfusion@gmail.com



Nico Spies

Infusion Representative in Argentina


Nico Photo.JPG

When Nico was 12 years old he decided to personally believe in Christ, at a conference at his church. Since then Nico has desired to know more about God, follow Him and serve Him. When Nico was 20 years old, he met the living Christ in a new and vivid way that transformed his life. He experienced a real encounter with the Holy Spirit that showed him that the life of Christ was actually living in him. This was almost the same time that he first encountered the books Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker. After that, Nico began teaching the messages of identity and freedom in Christ. In 2012, Nico met César Forero and Dave Park at a missionary camp in Chile. Nico and his wife Deby prayed and asked the Lord how they could be a part of the Infusion Ministries team because they had been teaching identity and freedom for the past 15 years. Nico has reached hundreds, maybe thousands of youth around Argentina through the teachings of identity and freedom. It has been a great blessing for Nico to be a part of the Infusion team and working as a representative in Argentina.

Contact Nico at –




Regine Pagelsdorf

Infusion Representative in Germany



Regine grew up in a Christian family in Western Germany and at the age of eight, she personally accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. From that moment she experienced true peace. She wanted others to know this peace and prayed for individuals to know Christ. She knew the importance of living for Jesus. In 1994, after completing her theological education, Regine moved to Chemnitz, to work for the church planting ministry of the Freien evangelischen Gemeinde (Evangelical Free Church). She became acquainted with the message of “Freedom in Christ” in May 2005. She discovered her identity in Christ and experienced His freedom – step by step. She sought a way to share these truths with others and God provided a way for her to introduce the EPIC Identity and Freedom materials to the Chemnitz FeG Church in 2008. In 2014, Regine visited Two Rivers Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she met Dave Park. It is her wish and desire to disciple and to share identity and freedom worldwide. Regine has partnered with Infusion Ministries to help her spread these important messages to Germany and Europe.

Contact Regine at –





Rosalia Hernandez de Hoyt

Rosalia was born again in the United Kingdom, accompanied by a group of Latin women, who were praying for her when she went to visit her sister in 2001. Since then she has had a passion to know more about God and to carry His message of Truth, Love, Peace and freedom in Jesus. Rosalia is married to Edward Hoyt and is blessed with two children, Marianne, 19 years old and Alexander, 13 years old. Rosalia’s family has moved all around the world because of her husband’s career. They have lived In Mexico, Switzerland, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom and currently, Knoxville, TN. God has opened the door for Rosalia to be a member in different Evangelical Churches, and has actively served groups of women and children. In the U.K., Rosalia attended River Church in Maidenhead and completed a year of study in leadership and discipleship through the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. She is also trained in Heart Styles and Myers-Briggs curriculum, as well as support, prayer, and administration for mission trips. Upon arrival to Knoxville, Rosalia and her family joined the community of Two Rivers Church and there began to participate in the Latin American Missions Team. In 2016, Rosalia attended the Infusion Ministries Latino Training. There, she learned even more about her Identity in Jesus. God then called her to be an intern, which consisted of nearly a year of training, studying and encountering the life of Jesus. At the completion of her internship, she was invited to participate as the Director of Latino Ministries (USA). Rosalia’s heart is very much aimed at walking with women who are hurting, of all different cultures, Latin, British or American. She desires to help them live in the love of God and understand their Identity in Jesus.

Contact Rosalia at – RosaliaHoyt@hotmail.com




Sally Zelenock

Director of Children’s Ministry


Sally Photo.jpg

Sally grew up in Michigan and lived most of her adult life there. In February 2015, Sally’s life was forever changed after she met Grace Park at a women’s retreat. This started the journey of identity and freedom in Sally’s life which led to participating in the Infusion Ministries internship program that began that fall. In the Spring of 2016, Sally became full-time staff as Director of Children’s Ministries and Director of Development and Marketing that summer. The burning in her heart is to infuse into children their Abba Father’s great, unwavering, and unconditional love for them and helping them to find identity and freedom in Christ at the beginning of their journey of life. Sally loves making new connections brought by development and marketing, more so she loves the connection God is making with people and Infusion Ministries. Sally and her youngest son, Trayton, have settled in Kingston, Tennessee. Sally’s two older children reside in Louisiana and North Carolina, along with two grandchildren and one that is in making its arrival in March 2017.

Contact Sally at – SallyZelenock@yahoo.com




Tommy Dodd


Contact Tommy at – Tdoddrr@gmail.com